Link to ICONLIG-IWORS 2023

The 2030 sustainable development agenda has demonstrated climate change as one of the most adverse concerns in our present time. It threatens millions of people on this planet into the stage of poverty. Most people do not seem to have the know-how and available solutions to avert this crisis and create opportunities for a better livelihood. Climate change might have happened a few years ago. Unfortunately, we perhaps did not recognize its coming. When our world is warming faster than at any condition in the past or recorded history, we later realize its coming. It is happening today. Further, the crisis is not only attacking our global economy, but also it is hardly inducing policymakers across the globe to reshape how ideal the future would be. The situation we are now facing is a powerful reason for real action, providing hope that our action can generate a transformative change benefiting our planet and particularly, our society.

In the middle of this chaotic environment, scientists are, thus, challenged to tackle environment-related problems through fruitful innovations. They must find critical points associated with environmental challenges, thereby reducing the impediment of sustainability efforts from remediation of global pollution to the design of green syntheses and technologies and of next-generation greener and functional materials. As an urgent action in response to this serious issue, an international platform meeting is necessary for the engineers, technologies, and scientists to share their knowledge and exchange experiences of recent updates in the scope of green syntheses, technologies, and material developments. In addition, the platform is intended to challenge the scientific communities to have a mindset of a game-changing approach, eventually helping to create more a sustainable future.

Under the global campaign ‘changing our world: the 2030 agenda for sustainable development’ echoed by the United Nations (UN), the 3rd International Conference on Lignocellulose (ICONLIG) in conjunction with the 15th National Symposium of Indonesian Wood Research Society (IWoRS) in Bogor, Indonesia, aims to broadcast recent issues related to green syntheses, technologies for the production of lignocellulosic materials worldwide. Besides that, it is also set to fuel the enthusiasm and energy of the applications of green materials for a sustainable future on our planet.